Sunday, December 21, 2008

I imagine this is what hell would look like...

As my title suggests, I am now living in what I consider to be hell. For me, hell is not this burning hot place, rather, it is a cold, cold place where it snows all the time with no end...much like MICHIGAN at the moment and pretty much for the whole month thus far.
I do not remember ever having this much snow in December, ever!
We can't get out of our front door at all, snowed in. Our 4-foot backyard fence has about 1 foot to go before it is buried.
Our dogs can't go out in the backyard in fear that they will never return or will get lost. This has resulted in little Lenny (daschund, who is about 6 inches tall) peeing on a pile of dirty laundry. Thank goodness it was dirty already, but still unacceptable.
The kids are absolutely dying to play outside, and I am dying to get them out there as they are climbing the walls in the house and destroying all in their path. However, the snow is over Hannah's head at the moment!
My hopes of finishing the Christmas shopping have went up in flames (or snowflakes, really). There is no way I am going to be able to get out of the driveway today.
This is horrible, horrible, horrible.

Friday, December 19, 2008


The kids are dying to go outside, but it is so cold and windy out there, there is no way they are going to last!

Poor little Lenny...the snow is so deep, it covers his entire body! He had to tunnel UNDER the snow to go to the bathroom this morning!

I am slightly bummed seeing as today was my last Christmas shopping day (or was going to be at least!) and there is no way I'm getting my car out there with the kids in tow.

Haiden's class party was switched to yesterday--I was not notified of this change until arriving at school yesterday--so I missed out on that and didn't get to help out like I had planned. It did get me out of making 400 cookies, so that was a bonus, but I was a little sad about missing out on his class party. Their theme was Christmas around the World, and they had studied Alaska, Hawaii, and the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The kids got "passports" that were stamped at each stop and they got to learn about the traditions in those areas, taste food, and do an activity at each destination.

Tomorrow is the big get-together at my parent's house for my dad's side of the family. Normally, there are about a billion (okay, not that many, you caught me in a lie there) people there--this year, from what I understand, it will be a smaller group--about 20 or less, so that will be much, much better and way less chaotic. I am in charge of making key lime chicken wings and a dessert and I haven't even begun to think about what I'm going to make yet! Better get thinking...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Christmas Fairy needs to come to my house...

I just realized there are 14 days until Christmas, and we have not even gotten out our Christmas decorations yet! Here I am staring at the blinding lights of our neighbors displays (and I mean BLINDING--they have a TON of stuff!!), and I look at our front window that has 3 window clings on it (started off with about 10, but the kids have taken most of them off and lost them already), and I'm starting to feel like we are probably thought of as the Grinch's of the neighborhood!

So now I'm wondering if it's even worth dragging all those bins and boxes and the tree and the decorations up from the basement only to put it up for 2 weeks and take it back down again a few days later. I'm tempted to go out, get a small, small tree for the corner of the room, let the kids pick out new decorations at the store, and do it that way. So much easier than sorting all the junk out from previous years?? As the plans stand currently, nobody is coming here for the holidays, so what do I care? The kids don't even know to expect a big tree or decorations all over the house, so it's very tempting to do it that way! I guess we'll see what happens over the next few days. Maybe the Christmas fairy will visit our house this week.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The newest member of the pack

Just when I thought we had gotten out of she is!

Little "Jewel" joined us today, maybe temporary, maybe permanent. We'll have to see how things go. Jeremy's grandma ended up being sent to a nursing home to recover, the boys are going back to school on Monday, nobody will be there to take care of her, so home she went with us today.

First thing on her list was to jump on the COUCH~~my least favorite dog activity. The other dogs don't even seem to notice her.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
This was the first year in 3 years that I have actually been not sick and was able to eat, and boy, am I regretting it now! I feel like a stuffed, fat, super-fat, pig. Not to mention I saw a picture of myself taken yesterday and just about died at my fatness. Diet time starts Monday!

First thing yesterday, Haiden made Indian hats for himself and Hannah. I must say, he did a good job, he cut out the feathers, made the band, glued it all himself without one bit of help.

I thought it would be fun to ask the kids what they are thankful for:

Haiden's list:
Mom, dad, fode (food), Haiden, dogs, god, frens (friends), robots, Hannah (added ONLY after Hannah said "not Haiden" for her list). When he wrote "god" on list list, he carried the paper to the window and held it up to the sky, very seriously.

Hannah's list (as if you wouldn't be able to guess by what is on it):

"Not Haiden" (when she was not listed on his list), "just joking" (after being added), pink, bats that go "eee eee", pumpkins, bracelets, mom, daddy, makeup, nail polish, playing, bunnies, elephants, fruit, cheerios, juice. This was so random it was hilarious.
We posted their lists on the window as decoration.

We had my family over for dinner. I worked my heiney off cooking everything for everyone; they came, they ate, they left after 2 hours. I cleaned up and dealt with 2 kids bouncing off the walls from sugar overload while I tried to work (yup, had to work on Thanksgiving).
Hope you all had a great holiday! I did, even though from the above paragraph, I'm sure it doesn't sound like it, but I did. Just more stressful and more work than I had hoped!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to make a turkey

My friend Katie put up a cute post on her blog (hope you don't mind I put your link in here, Katie!) where she asked her kids how to make a turkey, and I thought that would be a cute thing to ask the kids here too, so here are their answers:

"You cut a big hole in it, then cut off the feathers, rip the guts out, then roast it. Put it in the oven at 202 degrees and cook it for 20 minutes. I want to put sprinkles on it when it's cooked. I don't like to eat turkey."
--Haiden (5 years)

"What does a turkey say? I do this...(pulls her underwear down and shows me butt)...
Ummm....(runs and gets a knife from the kitchen drawer)...
I get this for him and shoot him. BANG! I put him in the toaster and lick him.
What does a turkey say?"
--Hannah (2-1/2 years)

I would love to hear more as well...Haiden took it pretty seriously, but Hannah was hilarious with her answer.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did you know kids come with instruction books?

Anyone who knows Haiden knows that he is quite a picky guy when it comes to certain things, such as trying new foods. In our house, the "no thank you bite" has long been a requirement at the dinner table, and we often find that after that first bite he loves it and will finish whatever it is off. However, the other night (and I can't even remember what we had, but he would have really liked it had he tried it) he was very tired, very crabby, and refusing even the "no thank you" bite. After my second or third attempt, he finally snapped at me, "MOM didn't you read my instruction book? I don't like trying new things!" Apparently that book got lost in the mail.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitchen Soup Game--NOT FUN!

This afternoon while the kids were eating lunch I had called a friend, and upon returning to the kitchen, found the kids had taken an entire container of table salt and sprinkled it over the ENTIRE kitchen. We are talking counters, table, floor, shelves, etc. EVERYTHING. What a mess it is to clean up salt, I just learned. I have cleaned up syrup, vegetable oil, coffee grounds, pepper, and sugar (which was pretty bad too seeing as it's about the same as salt), but this was the first salt cleaning fun I've had. I can still feel it under my feet even after several wipe-downs. UGH. What a mess.

When I asked that kids what on earth made them do that, their response was "we were making kitchen soup!" Grrrrrr....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ready or not, I love you all!

I wasn't going to write anything just yet, but I'm sitting here checking emails and such, and the kids are playing was Hannah's turn to count, and she counts to 20, then yells "ready or not, I love you all!" That just cracked me up. Sometimes she can be so cute...sometimes....well....not so cute.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well...I had been wanting to lose some weight, but not exactly in this manner....8 pounds total in less than 2 days thanks to a lovely stomach illness that hit me this week. The sucky thing of all is that as soon as solid food hits my stomach, it will all come back on. Rats. Now, I just have my fingers crossed that the kids do not get it! If they make it through the weekend without coming down with it, I will consider us very, very lucky!

Other than that, not much going on. Election week...pretty exciting for me actually. I was happy with the outcome and am looking forward to seeing what it brings.

Daylight savings time hit this past week and really stinks. I really hate how it gets dark at 5 now. Especially since this past week we had wonderful weather and had to head inside before we had much of a chance to enjoy the afternoon! I can't believe how tired it makes me in the evenings, but the good thing about it is that Hannah has been going to bed earlier this week. The downside other than feeling tired at 4 p.m. is that everyone gets up too early now that gets light earlier in the morning! I guess that going to bed earlier doesn't make much difference since I end up going to bed the same time still, but end up getting up about an hour earlier every morning, which does not make me a very happy camper. 5:30/6 a.m. does not agree with me after falling asleep around 3 a.m.!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I can not believe how hard it is to find queen size sheets that will fit our bed. I mean, how hard would you think it would be? Grrrrr.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The week began with the cleaning out and carving of the pumpkin. I can't find the pic of the finished product! Jeremy did a really good job of carving. Haiden hated the way it felt (but he'll stick his hands in mud??) Hannah loved it and had a great time throwing the seeds and gook all over the kitchen.

Wednesday this week, we visited Great-Grandma and Grandpa McLean and I took the kids to Trunk-or-Treat at Sunshine Church in GR. It was very crowded and the kids were a bit overwhelmed so we didn't last long there, fun to have tried at least.

Thursday was Haiden's class party where they did a "fruit tasting" rather than candy/cookies/cupcakes...I am sorry to say that Haiden and I tasted pomegranate and after the initial first taste, which wasn't that bad, we both just about died when the follow-up hit us! YUCK! I mean, I've had pomegranate juice and popsicles and it was just fine...the actual fruit? Not liking it so much.

In the morning, his class visited a local nursing home and sang to the residents. Haiden was a little overwhelmed with the class party (the entire program was involved, K through 5, so about 60 kids) and I couldn't come until a little after the party started, but he had fun once Hannah and I were there. Hannah wandered off in the school and a search party of 3 parents, the principal, and a secretary had to hunt her down. She was found giggling and sitting on a bench with a few kids from Haiden's class. Upon seeing us all coming at her, she ran the opposite direction.

Friday was Halloween and it was so nice out! Temps in the 60s and sunny....And here Haiden is showing off his candy. Hannah was having fits in the parking lot, so she didn't get her pic taken. We had to leave our area to do trick-or-treating seeing as we live on a street that just is not set up for that sort of thing. We parked at his school and went to his teacher's house and around that block. We actually only did about 10 houses or so before Hannah started acting up, and after Haiden was traumatized by a very scary haunted house, we were pretty much done for the night. They had fun though and got the candy they wanted.
I hope you all had a good Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hannah has been quite the little princess lately (more than the usual), refusing to leave the house without lipstick on! Every day before we leave to pick Haiden up from school, she runs to the bathroom to put her lipstick and "sparkles" on.

If she's this bad now, I wonder what she will be like when she's 13?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween week

I just realized that I have not had one single day off of work since April of this year. Not even a weekend day! And that's not the even "mom" job either, which is pretty much a 24/7 job with no days off since July 28, 2003.

Anyways, that was just an observation I made as I was looking at my calendar.

The kids are very revved up over Halloween being this week. Haiden has been asking me every day since October 1 when Halloween will be. They are very, very excited. I think even more excited over this than Christmas, seeing as candy is a guarantee with this holiday. We went shopping for costumes this weekend. Hannah had been set on wanting to be a bee "with wings so I can fly" and Haiden wanted to be Bumblebee from the Transformers, so I thought it would be funny that they'd both be bees, but then the bumblebee costumes we found didn't have wings (what kind of bee does not have wings??) and Hannah was supremely disappointed until we found a PINK Triceratops costume with a tail and she was very happy about that. First words out of her mouth was "I'm going to stomp on you!" I let the kids put their costumes on yesterday to try them on and she stomped her feet around the house and Haiden "buzzed" around or whatever Bumblebee does.

So there's the weekend in a nutshell. I was told I was mean yesterday because I didn't make Haiden peanut butter and jelly for dinner. Hannah told me I was "a loser" because I wouldn't play a certain song for her (for the millionth time)...the kids are just loving me lately. Both of them have colds and have been a little run-down the past few days, so it's been a not-so-fun week. I'm sure once I'm in charge of doling out the Halloween candy, I'll be in their favor again. Or at least until they get some candy out of me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kindergarten luv

Dinner conversation tonight:

Haiden: Mom, Almarco has a girlfriend.
Me: Oh really? How do you know this, did he tell you that?
Haiden: No, I just know.
Me: And how exactly did you come to know this?
Haiden: He talked to a girl on the playground.
Me: And this means she is his you mean she's a friend who happens to be a girl?
Haiden: (giving me the look the means I am dumber than anything on the planet) NO, she's his girlfriend, but he shouldn't be talking to them because all they want to do is play girl things.
Me: Do you talk to girls at school?
Haiden: NO WAY, only if Jim makes me, and only the grown-up girls (he means the 4th/5th graders in his class). I hate playing girl things. They might want me to wear makeup and purple underwear.
Me: Hmmmmm.....interesting.

Ha ha ha. I can't believe it starts this early.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

poor Bob Dylan's mom

The other day we were listening to a Bob Dylan CD and Haiden said "I'll bet every time he talks to his mom, she plugs her ears!" The kids were laughing their heads off at his voice and Hannah was imitating it by plugging her nose and singing...pretty funny. I guess I know what to use for car entertainment now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catch up, random things

Today, Haiden didn't have school and it was raining, so we decided to make homemade Play-Doh, which turned out to be a great idea! They had so much fun and played with it for almost an hour, during which time I was allowed to get some work done with no interruptions. Yay!
Yesterday, I was an apple maniac, peeling and cutting up almost a full bushel of apples. I have made apple butter, applesauce, apple pie, and frozen slices so far...more to come when my hands aren't so sore! I was pretty happy with myself for getting so much done in a day.
I started making Christmas cards...only 1 made so far, but at least I have started. I also got some scrapbooking done in the past week and hopefully will get more done soon. Yay again!
Nothing much too exciting to report today. We have Haiden's first "Learning Celebration" at his school this afternoon, will probably write about that later just so I don't forget and can put it in his scrapbook later!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More hair woes...

Last month, I had decided to try once again to change my hair color. My hair, for some odd reason, does not like to be colored! I tried a medium brown, which was about 3 shades darker than my normal color (reddish/dark blond)...within about 3 days it was gone, leaving my normal shade once again. And yes, this was permanent coloring!

So...yesterday I decide I am going to do it even darker and get a dark brown called "espresso." Man, is this DARK! I look a little pale and sick with it this dark. Not to mention, my roots still look blond and there is still reddish/blond streaks in it!!!! ARRRRRRGH. What to do?

You may ask why don't I just go and have it done professionally, and my answer is this: 1) It costs a fortune to do that and looks like crap once it grows out since I can't afford to have it touched up every 4 weeks, and 2) I get the same results...always fades, always ends up back at my normal color within a week or two.

I am a little bummed.

Hannah was scared of me at first, said I had "yucky" hair and said it was "broken"
Haiden said it looks like Frankenstein and that I look like Grandma now.

The only bonus here is that it seems to have straightened my hair out somewhat, even if temporarily. I had to do only minimal straightening this morning.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Once in a lifetime moment

I wanted to share this momentous occasion with all who cared to read about it.

Yesterday I was told the one thing I never dreamed I would ever in my lifetime:

"Oh my goodness, I can not believe how well she (Hannah) listens for a 2-year-old!" that my child you are speaking of??

Yes, I am sure that those of you who know me/her will not believe this and your mouths will hang open in shock and awe. But, yes, it actually did happen and I am not making it up.

I mean, I've been told "I can't believe how well she climbs/moves/jumps/throws herself off tall objects/flips/talks/screams, etc." but NEVER once have I had her listening skills commented on. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Holy cow. Was I behind on sorting out photos or what? This past week, I decided I was going to clean out the photo box and start back up on scrapbooking...600+ photos later, I am thinking this is waaaay too overwhelming to even begin to think about scrapbooking!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creative hair cutting and more...

I've had several moments this week where I thought "I have to write this down" because it was either super-funny or really sucked, but I've gotten sidetracked so many times, I don't know which end is up at this point to be honest.

A quick run-down of the weekend:

I finally got to go shopping (albeit with the kids) and buy myself some clothes. Upon wearing one of the new shirts I had bought, Haiden proclaimed "You FINALLY are wearing a cool shirt!" Geez. It must be bad when the 5-year-old notices!

I am still feeling kind of crappy and tired, but am finally feeling a bit better. At least I can turn my head most of the way and look up and down as long as I do it slow.

Hannah decided to give herself a haircut this afternoon. Granted, we had been talking about how she really needed one, but I wasn't really picturing the look she had in mind, which was basically a huge chunk taken out of the front of her head (basically all of her bangs cut about 1 inch from her scalp). I tried to get a picture of her because it really did look quite funny, but she saw the camera and ran and screamed. I trimmed the rest of her hair and cut a good 4 inches off the was actually more than halfway down her back! It does look much better now, other than that big chunk of her own doing in the front.

I realized that today I ate 4 donuts from Krispy Kreme. I had 2 in the morning, 1 this afternoon, and "tasted" about 4 bites of another one, which pretty much constitutes a whole one. Oh, and then I had some ranch potato chips, 4 cups of coffee, AND no water, veggies, or fruit all day.
I feel sick and really, really bad now. Seriously, I was just stressed all day and was working and running here and there and never really even realized what I had eaten until I was sitting here now thinking of it! Good thing the donuts are now gone. Now I don't have them staring at me within easy reach.

I did groceries on Friday and my bill came to $176, but after my cleverly clipped and referenced coupons were run through, my bill was down to $103. That is probably the best I've done thus far with the coupon thing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Diarrhea day.

Here we go...

Week one of Haiden's kindergarten experience we were all sick with colds/URI's. Now, this morning at 4 a.m. he woke up saying his stomach hurt and has had diarrhea since then. Of course, he's bouncing off the walls begging to go to school, but ummmm...that's not going to fly today. I mean, if he does go to school today there would be something flying, but it wouldn't be him, it would be....something else not so fun.

To start off this wonderful diarrhea experience, we were out of toilet paper. No paper towel either...or napkins...and only a few baby wipes to spare. So a run to Walgreens it was, which, I should mention, is about a 20 minute drive away. Whew...made it there with no incident. Stopped at Starbucks on the way home to fill up on a venti Sumatra so I can wake up a little. Had to drive by the school on the way home and Haiden proclaimed he was fine and needed to get to class ASAP. Well, at least he likes school.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bathroom project

Our project for the next month or so is the bathroom...the only room in the house that was not redone when we moved here. The flooring went in this past week, I repainted the baseboards and they were put back up, only for me to discover I painted them the wrong color of white. Arrrgh.
So...I will be repainting them I guess.

Now I'm wondering why on earth we put flooring in the bathroom that is not supposed to get very wet? Obviously was not thinking there. I mean, if we didn't have 2 kids who like to make "ocean waves" in the bathtub, maybe it would be okay, but I'm thinking one big splash and we are doomed.

After living in a disaster area for nearly 8 years (our old house) I hate having anything around here unfinished, so I'm really wanting to have this whole project done in the next couple of weeks. Of course that all depends on Jeremy for the most part, since the next big thing is the countertop and sink/faucets and I can't do that one. However, I can get the trim re-painted and finished up and figure out what the heck to do with that god-awful mirror in the bathroom. I hate that thing. But I have discovered that mirrors are kind of expensive and expensive just doesn't fit into my vocab at the moment. So...we will probably have to live with that nasty piece of crap for a while at least. Sure would be nice to get that done before I paint though.

I'll have to put some before, during, and after pics on here. I want it to look so different it's not even recognizable, but not sure if we'll quite pull that one off!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This was a big week for Mr. Haiden, who started kindergarten.
He dressed himself, and I was impressed with his choice. I was expecting the frog boots and a weird mismatch of Transformers shirt/camo shorts/Harley Davidson hat that no longer fits. I think he did a pretty good job this time though.

Despite acting like it was no big deal the night before, he was up at 5:00 a.m. asking if it was time to go to school yet. Every day this week thus far he has woken up at least an hour earlier than normal asking if it's time to go yet, so I guess he's liking it.

Today was day #3, and he already knew the names of the kids in his class and had a few new songs memorized and expected me to know them as well. "Mom, I know their names because I read their nametags, and I know the songs because I sang them with Jim....DUH." Oh, well excuse me. I guess I will start reading up on name tags as well.

He has made some new friends, including a boy who eats folders (I witnessed this, so I know it is true), a boy with a mohawk and red paint in his hair, and a boy who can burp his name (again, witnessed this one unfortunately). I can see that his newest pursuit of making people say "underwear" will undoubtedly go over well with this crowd.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I hate "pwincesses"!!

I was feeling crafty this past week and since Hannah likes playing princess so much, I decided to make her a princess skirt...true to her form, she declared "I hate pwincesses" and refuses to wear this creation I worked so hard to make. Not really...actually it wasn't that hard or expensive, but STILL! She wore it for all of about 30 seconds while I tried to take her picture. In this picture, she is trying to untie it and was telling me it was "bad."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fart Putty--the ultimate humiliation.

Everyone who knows us well knows that we are not ones to embarass easily, but get this one...

I go to Wesco yesterday to get a newspaper. The kids, as usual, are with me and go in with me. We get about 2 feet into Wesco and I hear......(how do you spell the sound that a nasty fart makes???).....anyways, I hear a fart, turn around, and it's my lovely son who has brought in what we call "Fart Putty," which is like putty that goes in a jar and you push it in and it makes very lovely nasty sounds. Great stuff.

Anyways, so that happens. He starts laughing and points at me and says (in his loud voice) MOM FARTED! And continues to make the sounds, walking behind me right behind my butt, proclaiming to everyone in earshot that "my mom is farting." All the while, little sister is following right along chanting "mommy farted" and singing "skunk in the barnyard..."

Even though I KNOW I'm not farting and it's obvious those sounds are "fake" I start turning red when just about every male in the store starts laughing and saying "right on" to Haiden. This only fuels him more, and he tells these guys that mom farts all the time and can't eat spaghetti because it makes her fart even more (okay...we won't get into that one. Let's just say I stay away from pasta). I'm turning really red by that point and sweating like crazy even though it's like 60 degrees in that place.

I pay for my paper after waiting in line a hellish 2 or 3 minutes, and practically run out of the place with kids at my heels (or rather, behind my hind end, still making sound effects and Hannah chanting "pee-you mommy") and all the customers and staff laughing at us.

Later in the day (we're still on the same day here), Haiden brings the same fart putty to my doctor appointment and hides behind the exam table making fart sounds the entire time we were in there. He tells the doctor that I need a shot because I pooped my pants, and Hannah agrees, saying "mommy has a stinky diaper."

This is what I deal with on a daily basis with these kids...anyone want to borrow them????

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lovin' the hair, mom!

Got my hair cut yesterday and had the privilege of having the kids with me...
Haiden pronounced my hair cut "stupid" and told me I looked like a "stupid loser." Thanks.

Yay moment: Hannah has been wearing underwear almost all day now with no slip ups, even out in public! : ) I have not had to buy a pack of diapers in over a month. Woo hoo!

Boo moment: See above mentioned comment about my stupid hair cut.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Haiden turns the big 5!

Haiden just had his 5th birthday last Monday and we celebrated on Saturday with a party. It was so funny...him waking up on Monday morning, asking me to measure him because "I don't FEEL taller and I don't look older!" He actually asked me to spike his hair so he would look older and put on a stick-on tattoo "because older boys have tattoos."

Monday, Jeremy came home from work at noon and took Haiden out fishing and to the beach "just the boys." Fine with me because I am scared to death of fish and until I lose about 50 pounds there is no way in heck you are getting me out on the beach in a swimsuit. So...they went out, I stayed home with Hannah. Boy, is she different when big brother is gone! We played ponies, her new favorite "game," went swimming in the pool out back, took a walk in the woods...all without one bit of screaming because big brother was not there to fight with!

Anyways, Monday was Haiden's day. I made cupcakes for him, which was a big deal for him since I don't make cupcakes very often. I didn't even make them out of bran or anything...although I did think about making bran muffins and putting frosting on them...but I restrained myself.

Friday, Haiden had his 5-year checkup, where upon being asked if he knew any good nursery rhymes or kids' songs, he proclaimed to the nursing staff and doctor that Linkin Park, Sublime, Nickelback, and Foo Fighters were his fave bands, and went into renditions of "The Pretender" complete with air guitar riffs and screaming "WHAT IF I SAY I'M NOT LIKE THE OTHERS...."

Saturday we did the big party, which actually turned out quite small because most everyone was out of town on vacation. Again, fine with me, since that meant less mess, less money spent, less stress. It worked out pretty well and they had fun. If I can ever figure out how to put pics on here, I will do that. He had his friend Evie over and cousin Summer, both of whom are 5 years old, and Evie's little brother Jacob and, of course, little sister Hannah. My friend Nanci showed up, which was so nice of her seeing as her husband and son (also one of Haiden's friends) could not make it, but she decided to come anyway (thanks Nanci!). Also there were my parents, friend Rose, sister Jessie and her fiance Ryan, mother-in-law Pat, sister-in-law Tracy, great-grandma and grandpa McLean (my grandparents), and great-grandma Westfield. Not a huge party, but I really am glad we scaled it down and kept it simple this year.

So...Haiden's 5 now. I know this sounds really cliche, but I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! He thinks it's so funny hearing about the day he was born (or how babies are born in general). I can't believe he was so small his head fit in our hands and he barely reached our elbows (he was 5 pounds and 19 inches, so he was pretty tiny!). I tell him that when he was born, he weighed the same as a bag of sugar and he laughs hysterically.

Happy Birthday Haiden!

Oh, that's what a blog is for??

So...I was having trouble figuring out what this whole blog thing was supposed to be about, but just realized doesn't have to be about anything! I am always being accused of not telling friends/family enough about what is going on and have not been the best at keeping in touch with everyone I should be keeping in touch with, but I AM on the computer a lot seeing as I work from home, and I am a pretty damn good typer, so here it is. For all of you who accuse me of not keeping in touch, not giving you the low down on my life and what is going on, this blog is dedicated to you. Warning: Do not come complaining to me that you now know more than you ever wanted to know! Just kidding.