Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Haiden turns the big 5!

Haiden just had his 5th birthday last Monday and we celebrated on Saturday with a party. It was so funny...him waking up on Monday morning, asking me to measure him because "I don't FEEL taller and I don't look older!" He actually asked me to spike his hair so he would look older and put on a stick-on tattoo "because older boys have tattoos."

Monday, Jeremy came home from work at noon and took Haiden out fishing and to the beach "just the boys." Fine with me because I am scared to death of fish and until I lose about 50 pounds there is no way in heck you are getting me out on the beach in a swimsuit. So...they went out, I stayed home with Hannah. Boy, is she different when big brother is gone! We played ponies, her new favorite "game," went swimming in the pool out back, took a walk in the woods...all without one bit of screaming because big brother was not there to fight with!

Anyways, Monday was Haiden's day. I made cupcakes for him, which was a big deal for him since I don't make cupcakes very often. I didn't even make them out of bran or anything...although I did think about making bran muffins and putting frosting on them...but I restrained myself.

Friday, Haiden had his 5-year checkup, where upon being asked if he knew any good nursery rhymes or kids' songs, he proclaimed to the nursing staff and doctor that Linkin Park, Sublime, Nickelback, and Foo Fighters were his fave bands, and went into renditions of "The Pretender" complete with air guitar riffs and screaming "WHAT IF I SAY I'M NOT LIKE THE OTHERS...."

Saturday we did the big party, which actually turned out quite small because most everyone was out of town on vacation. Again, fine with me, since that meant less mess, less money spent, less stress. It worked out pretty well and they had fun. If I can ever figure out how to put pics on here, I will do that. He had his friend Evie over and cousin Summer, both of whom are 5 years old, and Evie's little brother Jacob and, of course, little sister Hannah. My friend Nanci showed up, which was so nice of her seeing as her husband and son (also one of Haiden's friends) could not make it, but she decided to come anyway (thanks Nanci!). Also there were my parents, friend Rose, sister Jessie and her fiance Ryan, mother-in-law Pat, sister-in-law Tracy, great-grandma and grandpa McLean (my grandparents), and great-grandma Westfield. Not a huge party, but I really am glad we scaled it down and kept it simple this year.

So...Haiden's 5 now. I know this sounds really cliche, but I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! He thinks it's so funny hearing about the day he was born (or how babies are born in general). I can't believe he was so small his head fit in our hands and he barely reached our elbows (he was 5 pounds and 19 inches, so he was pretty tiny!). I tell him that when he was born, he weighed the same as a bag of sugar and he laughs hysterically.

Happy Birthday Haiden!

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