Monday, September 8, 2008

Bathroom project

Our project for the next month or so is the bathroom...the only room in the house that was not redone when we moved here. The flooring went in this past week, I repainted the baseboards and they were put back up, only for me to discover I painted them the wrong color of white. Arrrgh.
So...I will be repainting them I guess.

Now I'm wondering why on earth we put flooring in the bathroom that is not supposed to get very wet? Obviously was not thinking there. I mean, if we didn't have 2 kids who like to make "ocean waves" in the bathtub, maybe it would be okay, but I'm thinking one big splash and we are doomed.

After living in a disaster area for nearly 8 years (our old house) I hate having anything around here unfinished, so I'm really wanting to have this whole project done in the next couple of weeks. Of course that all depends on Jeremy for the most part, since the next big thing is the countertop and sink/faucets and I can't do that one. However, I can get the trim re-painted and finished up and figure out what the heck to do with that god-awful mirror in the bathroom. I hate that thing. But I have discovered that mirrors are kind of expensive and expensive just doesn't fit into my vocab at the moment. So...we will probably have to live with that nasty piece of crap for a while at least. Sure would be nice to get that done before I paint though.

I'll have to put some before, during, and after pics on here. I want it to look so different it's not even recognizable, but not sure if we'll quite pull that one off!

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