Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hannah has been quite the little princess lately (more than the usual), refusing to leave the house without lipstick on! Every day before we leave to pick Haiden up from school, she runs to the bathroom to put her lipstick and "sparkles" on.

If she's this bad now, I wonder what she will be like when she's 13?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween week

I just realized that I have not had one single day off of work since April of this year. Not even a weekend day! And that's not the even "mom" job either, which is pretty much a 24/7 job with no days off since July 28, 2003.

Anyways, that was just an observation I made as I was looking at my calendar.

The kids are very revved up over Halloween being this week. Haiden has been asking me every day since October 1 when Halloween will be. They are very, very excited. I think even more excited over this than Christmas, seeing as candy is a guarantee with this holiday. We went shopping for costumes this weekend. Hannah had been set on wanting to be a bee "with wings so I can fly" and Haiden wanted to be Bumblebee from the Transformers, so I thought it would be funny that they'd both be bees, but then the bumblebee costumes we found didn't have wings (what kind of bee does not have wings??) and Hannah was supremely disappointed until we found a PINK Triceratops costume with a tail and she was very happy about that. First words out of her mouth was "I'm going to stomp on you!" I let the kids put their costumes on yesterday to try them on and she stomped her feet around the house and Haiden "buzzed" around or whatever Bumblebee does.

So there's the weekend in a nutshell. I was told I was mean yesterday because I didn't make Haiden peanut butter and jelly for dinner. Hannah told me I was "a loser" because I wouldn't play a certain song for her (for the millionth time)...the kids are just loving me lately. Both of them have colds and have been a little run-down the past few days, so it's been a not-so-fun week. I'm sure once I'm in charge of doling out the Halloween candy, I'll be in their favor again. Or at least until they get some candy out of me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kindergarten luv

Dinner conversation tonight:

Haiden: Mom, Almarco has a girlfriend.
Me: Oh really? How do you know this, did he tell you that?
Haiden: No, I just know.
Me: And how exactly did you come to know this?
Haiden: He talked to a girl on the playground.
Me: And this means she is his girlfriend...do you mean she's a friend who happens to be a girl?
Haiden: (giving me the look the means I am dumber than anything on the planet) NO, she's his girlfriend, but he shouldn't be talking to them because all they want to do is play girl things.
Me: Do you talk to girls at school?
Haiden: NO WAY, only if Jim makes me, and only the grown-up girls (he means the 4th/5th graders in his class). I hate playing girl things. They might want me to wear makeup and purple underwear.
Me: Hmmmmm.....interesting.

Ha ha ha. I can't believe it starts this early.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

poor Bob Dylan's mom

The other day we were listening to a Bob Dylan CD and Haiden said "I'll bet every time he talks to his mom, she plugs her ears!" The kids were laughing their heads off at his voice and Hannah was imitating it by plugging her nose and singing...pretty funny. I guess I know what to use for car entertainment now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catch up, random things

Today, Haiden didn't have school and it was raining, so we decided to make homemade Play-Doh, which turned out to be a great idea! They had so much fun and played with it for almost an hour, during which time I was allowed to get some work done with no interruptions. Yay!
Yesterday, I was an apple maniac, peeling and cutting up almost a full bushel of apples. I have made apple butter, applesauce, apple pie, and frozen slices so far...more to come when my hands aren't so sore! I was pretty happy with myself for getting so much done in a day.
I started making Christmas cards...only 1 made so far, but at least I have started. I also got some scrapbooking done in the past week and hopefully will get more done soon. Yay again!
Nothing much too exciting to report today. We have Haiden's first "Learning Celebration" at his school this afternoon, will probably write about that later just so I don't forget and can put it in his scrapbook later!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More hair woes...

Last month, I had decided to try once again to change my hair color. My hair, for some odd reason, does not like to be colored! I tried a medium brown, which was about 3 shades darker than my normal color (reddish/dark blond)...within about 3 days it was gone, leaving my normal shade once again. And yes, this was permanent coloring!

So...yesterday I decide I am going to do it even darker and get a dark brown called "espresso." Man, is this DARK! I look a little pale and sick with it this dark. Not to mention, my roots still look blond and there is still reddish/blond streaks in it!!!! ARRRRRRGH. What to do?

You may ask why don't I just go and have it done professionally, and my answer is this: 1) It costs a fortune to do that and looks like crap once it grows out since I can't afford to have it touched up every 4 weeks, and 2) I get the same results...always fades, always ends up back at my normal color within a week or two.

I am a little bummed.

Hannah was scared of me at first, said I had "yucky" hair and said it was "broken"
Haiden said it looks like Frankenstein and that I look like Grandma now.

The only bonus here is that it seems to have straightened my hair out somewhat, even if temporarily. I had to do only minimal straightening this morning.