Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catch up, random things

Today, Haiden didn't have school and it was raining, so we decided to make homemade Play-Doh, which turned out to be a great idea! They had so much fun and played with it for almost an hour, during which time I was allowed to get some work done with no interruptions. Yay!
Yesterday, I was an apple maniac, peeling and cutting up almost a full bushel of apples. I have made apple butter, applesauce, apple pie, and frozen slices so far...more to come when my hands aren't so sore! I was pretty happy with myself for getting so much done in a day.
I started making Christmas cards...only 1 made so far, but at least I have started. I also got some scrapbooking done in the past week and hopefully will get more done soon. Yay again!
Nothing much too exciting to report today. We have Haiden's first "Learning Celebration" at his school this afternoon, will probably write about that later just so I don't forget and can put it in his scrapbook later!

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