Thursday, October 2, 2008

More hair woes...

Last month, I had decided to try once again to change my hair color. My hair, for some odd reason, does not like to be colored! I tried a medium brown, which was about 3 shades darker than my normal color (reddish/dark blond)...within about 3 days it was gone, leaving my normal shade once again. And yes, this was permanent coloring!

So...yesterday I decide I am going to do it even darker and get a dark brown called "espresso." Man, is this DARK! I look a little pale and sick with it this dark. Not to mention, my roots still look blond and there is still reddish/blond streaks in it!!!! ARRRRRRGH. What to do?

You may ask why don't I just go and have it done professionally, and my answer is this: 1) It costs a fortune to do that and looks like crap once it grows out since I can't afford to have it touched up every 4 weeks, and 2) I get the same results...always fades, always ends up back at my normal color within a week or two.

I am a little bummed.

Hannah was scared of me at first, said I had "yucky" hair and said it was "broken"
Haiden said it looks like Frankenstein and that I look like Grandma now.

The only bonus here is that it seems to have straightened my hair out somewhat, even if temporarily. I had to do only minimal straightening this morning.

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