Saturday, November 29, 2008

The newest member of the pack

Just when I thought we had gotten out of she is!

Little "Jewel" joined us today, maybe temporary, maybe permanent. We'll have to see how things go. Jeremy's grandma ended up being sent to a nursing home to recover, the boys are going back to school on Monday, nobody will be there to take care of her, so home she went with us today.

First thing on her list was to jump on the COUCH~~my least favorite dog activity. The other dogs don't even seem to notice her.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
This was the first year in 3 years that I have actually been not sick and was able to eat, and boy, am I regretting it now! I feel like a stuffed, fat, super-fat, pig. Not to mention I saw a picture of myself taken yesterday and just about died at my fatness. Diet time starts Monday!

First thing yesterday, Haiden made Indian hats for himself and Hannah. I must say, he did a good job, he cut out the feathers, made the band, glued it all himself without one bit of help.

I thought it would be fun to ask the kids what they are thankful for:

Haiden's list:
Mom, dad, fode (food), Haiden, dogs, god, frens (friends), robots, Hannah (added ONLY after Hannah said "not Haiden" for her list). When he wrote "god" on list list, he carried the paper to the window and held it up to the sky, very seriously.

Hannah's list (as if you wouldn't be able to guess by what is on it):

"Not Haiden" (when she was not listed on his list), "just joking" (after being added), pink, bats that go "eee eee", pumpkins, bracelets, mom, daddy, makeup, nail polish, playing, bunnies, elephants, fruit, cheerios, juice. This was so random it was hilarious.
We posted their lists on the window as decoration.

We had my family over for dinner. I worked my heiney off cooking everything for everyone; they came, they ate, they left after 2 hours. I cleaned up and dealt with 2 kids bouncing off the walls from sugar overload while I tried to work (yup, had to work on Thanksgiving).
Hope you all had a great holiday! I did, even though from the above paragraph, I'm sure it doesn't sound like it, but I did. Just more stressful and more work than I had hoped!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to make a turkey

My friend Katie put up a cute post on her blog (hope you don't mind I put your link in here, Katie!) where she asked her kids how to make a turkey, and I thought that would be a cute thing to ask the kids here too, so here are their answers:

"You cut a big hole in it, then cut off the feathers, rip the guts out, then roast it. Put it in the oven at 202 degrees and cook it for 20 minutes. I want to put sprinkles on it when it's cooked. I don't like to eat turkey."
--Haiden (5 years)

"What does a turkey say? I do this...(pulls her underwear down and shows me butt)...
Ummm....(runs and gets a knife from the kitchen drawer)...
I get this for him and shoot him. BANG! I put him in the toaster and lick him.
What does a turkey say?"
--Hannah (2-1/2 years)

I would love to hear more as well...Haiden took it pretty seriously, but Hannah was hilarious with her answer.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did you know kids come with instruction books?

Anyone who knows Haiden knows that he is quite a picky guy when it comes to certain things, such as trying new foods. In our house, the "no thank you bite" has long been a requirement at the dinner table, and we often find that after that first bite he loves it and will finish whatever it is off. However, the other night (and I can't even remember what we had, but he would have really liked it had he tried it) he was very tired, very crabby, and refusing even the "no thank you" bite. After my second or third attempt, he finally snapped at me, "MOM didn't you read my instruction book? I don't like trying new things!" Apparently that book got lost in the mail.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitchen Soup Game--NOT FUN!

This afternoon while the kids were eating lunch I had called a friend, and upon returning to the kitchen, found the kids had taken an entire container of table salt and sprinkled it over the ENTIRE kitchen. We are talking counters, table, floor, shelves, etc. EVERYTHING. What a mess it is to clean up salt, I just learned. I have cleaned up syrup, vegetable oil, coffee grounds, pepper, and sugar (which was pretty bad too seeing as it's about the same as salt), but this was the first salt cleaning fun I've had. I can still feel it under my feet even after several wipe-downs. UGH. What a mess.

When I asked that kids what on earth made them do that, their response was "we were making kitchen soup!" Grrrrrr....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ready or not, I love you all!

I wasn't going to write anything just yet, but I'm sitting here checking emails and such, and the kids are playing was Hannah's turn to count, and she counts to 20, then yells "ready or not, I love you all!" That just cracked me up. Sometimes she can be so cute...sometimes....well....not so cute.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well...I had been wanting to lose some weight, but not exactly in this manner....8 pounds total in less than 2 days thanks to a lovely stomach illness that hit me this week. The sucky thing of all is that as soon as solid food hits my stomach, it will all come back on. Rats. Now, I just have my fingers crossed that the kids do not get it! If they make it through the weekend without coming down with it, I will consider us very, very lucky!

Other than that, not much going on. Election week...pretty exciting for me actually. I was happy with the outcome and am looking forward to seeing what it brings.

Daylight savings time hit this past week and really stinks. I really hate how it gets dark at 5 now. Especially since this past week we had wonderful weather and had to head inside before we had much of a chance to enjoy the afternoon! I can't believe how tired it makes me in the evenings, but the good thing about it is that Hannah has been going to bed earlier this week. The downside other than feeling tired at 4 p.m. is that everyone gets up too early now that gets light earlier in the morning! I guess that going to bed earlier doesn't make much difference since I end up going to bed the same time still, but end up getting up about an hour earlier every morning, which does not make me a very happy camper. 5:30/6 a.m. does not agree with me after falling asleep around 3 a.m.!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I can not believe how hard it is to find queen size sheets that will fit our bed. I mean, how hard would you think it would be? Grrrrr.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The week began with the cleaning out and carving of the pumpkin. I can't find the pic of the finished product! Jeremy did a really good job of carving. Haiden hated the way it felt (but he'll stick his hands in mud??) Hannah loved it and had a great time throwing the seeds and gook all over the kitchen.

Wednesday this week, we visited Great-Grandma and Grandpa McLean and I took the kids to Trunk-or-Treat at Sunshine Church in GR. It was very crowded and the kids were a bit overwhelmed so we didn't last long there, fun to have tried at least.

Thursday was Haiden's class party where they did a "fruit tasting" rather than candy/cookies/cupcakes...I am sorry to say that Haiden and I tasted pomegranate and after the initial first taste, which wasn't that bad, we both just about died when the follow-up hit us! YUCK! I mean, I've had pomegranate juice and popsicles and it was just fine...the actual fruit? Not liking it so much.

In the morning, his class visited a local nursing home and sang to the residents. Haiden was a little overwhelmed with the class party (the entire program was involved, K through 5, so about 60 kids) and I couldn't come until a little after the party started, but he had fun once Hannah and I were there. Hannah wandered off in the school and a search party of 3 parents, the principal, and a secretary had to hunt her down. She was found giggling and sitting on a bench with a few kids from Haiden's class. Upon seeing us all coming at her, she ran the opposite direction.

Friday was Halloween and it was so nice out! Temps in the 60s and sunny....And here Haiden is showing off his candy. Hannah was having fits in the parking lot, so she didn't get her pic taken. We had to leave our area to do trick-or-treating seeing as we live on a street that just is not set up for that sort of thing. We parked at his school and went to his teacher's house and around that block. We actually only did about 10 houses or so before Hannah started acting up, and after Haiden was traumatized by a very scary haunted house, we were pretty much done for the night. They had fun though and got the candy they wanted.
I hope you all had a good Halloween!