Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Christmas Fairy needs to come to my house...

I just realized there are 14 days until Christmas, and we have not even gotten out our Christmas decorations yet! Here I am staring at the blinding lights of our neighbors displays (and I mean BLINDING--they have a TON of stuff!!), and I look at our front window that has 3 window clings on it (started off with about 10, but the kids have taken most of them off and lost them already), and I'm starting to feel like we are probably thought of as the Grinch's of the neighborhood!

So now I'm wondering if it's even worth dragging all those bins and boxes and the tree and the decorations up from the basement only to put it up for 2 weeks and take it back down again a few days later. I'm tempted to go out, get a small, small tree for the corner of the room, let the kids pick out new decorations at the store, and do it that way. So much easier than sorting all the junk out from previous years?? As the plans stand currently, nobody is coming here for the holidays, so what do I care? The kids don't even know to expect a big tree or decorations all over the house, so it's very tempting to do it that way! I guess we'll see what happens over the next few days. Maybe the Christmas fairy will visit our house this week.

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