Sunday, December 21, 2008

I imagine this is what hell would look like...

As my title suggests, I am now living in what I consider to be hell. For me, hell is not this burning hot place, rather, it is a cold, cold place where it snows all the time with no end...much like MICHIGAN at the moment and pretty much for the whole month thus far.
I do not remember ever having this much snow in December, ever!
We can't get out of our front door at all, snowed in. Our 4-foot backyard fence has about 1 foot to go before it is buried.
Our dogs can't go out in the backyard in fear that they will never return or will get lost. This has resulted in little Lenny (daschund, who is about 6 inches tall) peeing on a pile of dirty laundry. Thank goodness it was dirty already, but still unacceptable.
The kids are absolutely dying to play outside, and I am dying to get them out there as they are climbing the walls in the house and destroying all in their path. However, the snow is over Hannah's head at the moment!
My hopes of finishing the Christmas shopping have went up in flames (or snowflakes, really). There is no way I am going to be able to get out of the driveway today.
This is horrible, horrible, horrible.

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