Friday, December 19, 2008


The kids are dying to go outside, but it is so cold and windy out there, there is no way they are going to last!

Poor little Lenny...the snow is so deep, it covers his entire body! He had to tunnel UNDER the snow to go to the bathroom this morning!

I am slightly bummed seeing as today was my last Christmas shopping day (or was going to be at least!) and there is no way I'm getting my car out there with the kids in tow.

Haiden's class party was switched to yesterday--I was not notified of this change until arriving at school yesterday--so I missed out on that and didn't get to help out like I had planned. It did get me out of making 400 cookies, so that was a bonus, but I was a little sad about missing out on his class party. Their theme was Christmas around the World, and they had studied Alaska, Hawaii, and the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The kids got "passports" that were stamped at each stop and they got to learn about the traditions in those areas, taste food, and do an activity at each destination.

Tomorrow is the big get-together at my parent's house for my dad's side of the family. Normally, there are about a billion (okay, not that many, you caught me in a lie there) people there--this year, from what I understand, it will be a smaller group--about 20 or less, so that will be much, much better and way less chaotic. I am in charge of making key lime chicken wings and a dessert and I haven't even begun to think about what I'm going to make yet! Better get thinking...

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