Saturday, January 31, 2009


I need to start adding pictures to some of these posts!

Yesterday, I had the kids paint pictures to go in a frame that I had bought for the living room. I didn't know what to put in it, so I had the kids paint pictures and figured that every few months or so, I'll have them do new ones.

Hannah drew me a picture of our family, mommy, daddy, Haiden, Hannah, and Jewel (forget the other 3 dogs). Bottom picture.

Haiden painted a picture of his friend with a green dog, top picture.

Hannah painted a picture of "Hannah with a weiner." Luckily, she painted it in the wrong direction and I had to turn it sideways so it would fit in the frame, so you can't tell. But if you look at it sideways, you can tell (if you know how to "read" 2 year old paintings, that is!).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brownies...the wonder drug


I was having a really bad day today and it just kept getting worse and worse. Other than my neighbor plowing our driveway for us again (yay!) it was just a day from you-know-where.
I noticed that I had 14 points left (Weight Watchers) after dinner tonight, had a brownie (okay...2...) and I am feeling amazingly better.

This can't be good.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Green hair/skulls/Weight Watchers here I come!

Yesterday, Haiden was obviously feeling down about something, and I asked him what was going on. He said to me "Mom, I just want to be more in style." I asked him what "in style" meant...wondering what a kindergartener's idea of style was, and he said "I want my hair short with green in it and I want clothes with skulls on it."

Oh my goodness.

I asked him if any kids in his school have green hair, and he said no, and that he really didn't want to have green hair "because it will look like I have boogers in it." Skulls have been on my no-no list as far as clothing goes, but I have become a little more flexible on this issue lately. So...I told him that this weekend I will try to take him out and he can pick out a few outfits all by himself. We'll see what we end up with. I'm guessing that none will have skulls on them...probably a LOT of action hero shirts though, as if he needs more of those.

I joined Weight Watchers online 2 days ago, but haven't done much with it yet other than to track my 0 point coffee in the morning! Funny how I have time to note the 0 point coffee, but failed to mention my cookie spree last night when I was making cookies. Maybe because I don't remember the exact count?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas rundown

Just a quick catch up of the past two week...

Man, have things been busy here and more crazy that I had hoped for our 2 weeks of vacation! But to spare the boring details of each and every day, I'll just say we had a good Christmas, but I'm happy it's over. I put the tree and decorations away the Sunday after the holiday, and that felt GOOD!

The Saturday before Christmas, we celebrated with my dad's side of the family at my parent's house. This is a pretty good-sized get-together, and it's always nice to see my aunts, uncles, cousins, who I really only get to see maybe once or twice a year, sometimes more if someone gets married or something like that, so it's nice to see them and catch up on what everyone is doing. The kids had fun, got lots of toys from great-grandma and great-grandpa, we had good food, a nice visit.

Christmas Eve, we headed over to my parent's house for a get-together with my immediate family (brother, sister, parents, Jeremy/me/kids). The kids were spoiled and showered with presents as always...way too much in my opinion, but they were sure happy! Hannah has been wanting a pet kitty for as long as she has been able to say "kitty," and was absolutely thrilled with her robot kitty that purrs, meows, moves, blinks, etc. When asked what the kitties name was, her original name was "white kitty that meows." The dogs are terrified of that thing.

Christmas day, we stayed home. The kids were SO excited to see all the presents under the tree and had a great time opening them. Haiden was thrilled with all of his science things, which included a microscope, science kit, triops kit, anatomy doll with "real" body parts, and a few more things that I can't even remember now. Note: HE asked for all of these things, we are not trying to make a science nerd here! Hannah was very happy with her Hello Kitty things, especially the socks that she has been wanting to wear pretty much every day.

The Saturday after Christmas, we had Jeremy's family over for our last get-together. We all chipped in for pizza and everyone brought appetizers/desserts...which worked out really well.

I am so happy this holiday season is over and am ready for things to get back to normal. No big plans for the rest of the vacation, hopefully will just get to chill a bit and clean up around here.