Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brownies...the wonder drug


I was having a really bad day today and it just kept getting worse and worse. Other than my neighbor plowing our driveway for us again (yay!) it was just a day from you-know-where.
I noticed that I had 14 points left (Weight Watchers) after dinner tonight, had a brownie (okay...2...) and I am feeling amazingly better.

This can't be good.


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Girl! If you had 14 points left by the evening you better stop starving yourself the rest of the day! Glad the brownies made you feel better, hope today is less traumatic than yesterday.

This Crazy Life O' Mine... said...

I know! Amazing I'm so fat...
That was kind of a fluke though. However, the stopping afternoon snacking has helped a lot, I think. We'll see what the scale says on Sunday, my first weigh-in day!