Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evil food staring me in the eye

It is a snow day today and I just re-discovered the Tastefully Simple Twisty dangerous for me as they are soooooo good. Not good to be stuck in the house all day with those staring at me.

Haiden has strep and was going to have to miss school anyways today, so I was happy it was cancelled for everyone. Not to mention, I was supposed to volunteer at the school Open House and now that has been cancelled as well...YAY! I mean, I wanted to help out, but am just not feeling too well myself, so am happy I got out of it tonight.

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Me+3 said...

I learned my lesson.
I ate some of those oh,so,tasty grahams and spent the rest of the day in our bathroom. Not the best advertisement for TS, I know, but I learned my lesson.