Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First day of "finastics"!

Today was Hannah's first day of gymnastics!
She had a great time...until she decided she was going to jump off the balance beam and hit her lip on it, leading to quite the bloody mess and a bit of screaming...and a looooong way home of screaming "how will I put a bandaid in my mouth?" and "I want to go back to finastics...I hate finastics!!" I guess she really couldn't make her mind up on whether she liked it or not.
I can definitely say she had quite the advantage over the other kids in this class...she ran though the obstacle course like nobody's business, ran across the low and high balance beams, even throwing in some kicks and jumps along the way across, did the "bat" and "butterfly" on the bars with no assistance, jumped the pommel horse, and even the teacher said she should be in a higher level class...not much choice until she's 3 though. Other than the bleeding episode, which thankfully did not occur until the end of the class, she had a good time and I can definitely see this being something she could get into!

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