Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Valentine's Day?

I asked the kids "do you know what Valentine's Day is?"

A day where you give your friendship to everyone.
You tell everyone you love that you care for them.
You sing the "Love Grows" song to everyone you like.
A day where people try to kiss you and you have to run away really fast.

Eat a heart (I'm presuming not a real one!).
Kiss the snake.
Have all pink things all day.
Wear pink lipstick and kiss Haiden and Daddy a lot (notice Mommy got left out of this one?).

Today at Haiden's school, they visited a local nursing home and sang to the residents and gave out "warm fuzzies" that they have been making for them over the past few weeks. Haiden was so excited to hand out the handmade "friendship" cards he had made at school (rather than having the kids do store-bought cards--there are 70 kids in his class--they all made them by hand and made their own "mailboxes") and was excited to look them all over when he came home today from school. He had made heart-shaped cards for his teachers, had drawn a picture of him holding their hands, and was so excited to give them to the teachers today!

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