Thursday, March 19, 2009

Totally random junk

Obviously I've been a little out of the blogosphere for a while, pretty much for lack of anything to write about, we've been sick off-and-on for the past month, and I've had total lack of motivation to do anything computer-related once I'm done working.

I'm still hugely lacking for any inspiration, so here are the highlights of the past few days/weeks:

Today was "dog wash day". 2-1/2 down, 2-1/2 to go. When I say "1/2", I mean that one of our dogs is too old to get an actual bath anymore, he is well over 100 pounds and I can't lift him into the tub, he can't stand for more than 5 minutes without falling over, so he is getting a "doggy sponge bath." Since he only moves about once every few hours or so, I had to resort to grooming only one side of him, and have to wait until he decides to move again to get the other side.

Doggy #4 is refusing to leave the couch after seeing the other 2 bounding out of the bath, knowing full well what is in store for her, knowing that she is near-impossible to lift into the tub as well because of her hugeness. So....basically I'm waiting for her to unglue herself from the couch and get close enough to the bathroom door so I can shove her in and haul her into the tub.

Over a week ago, I burned my arm and I've had several people looking at me like I have leprosy, and a few actually asking if I've seen a doctor because it looks contagious. It hurts like heck still and it's been about a week and a half already. Damn. DON'T DUMP COLD CHICKEN INTO A HOT, HOT PAN WITH OIL IN IT!!! Or at least be smart and use a spatula or something. Don't dump it all in at once with a big PLOP or you too may end up being scorned, scarred, and avoided like you have the plague.

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