Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!

April 5 marked Hannah's 3rd birthday, which we celebrated at home with an "Abby Caddaby" and "My Little Pony" theme (Hannah could not decide--she was bummed there weren't pink Transformers for her theme).
Hannah chose the meal, which ended up being pizza, finger jello, chips, and salad, along with the chocolate fountain, birthday cake, and ice cream. It's no wonder the kid puked halfway through her party!
Not to worry though...she was not sick, and after she got over the shock of throwing up (never had done that before!!) it was back to partying.
The best things about being 3?? In Hannah's words:
"I get to go to kindergarten now with Haiden" (actually will not be happening, obviously, but that's what she thinks).
"I get to eat strawberries."
"I get to sing more songs."
"I will get a snake" (another improbability).

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