Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A sad, sad day....

I try to keep this light, but seeing as it's also an update of what's going on over here, I had to share the sad news that yesterday we had to put 2 of our dogs "to sleep."

Brodi and Bruer had been with us for almost-16 and 14 years respectively, and had been together their entire lives, never leaving each other's sides. It was only fitting that when the time came, it came at the same time. They had both been deteriorating so quickly and it got to the point where I just could not watch them go through the pain any longer.

Unfortunately, it was me who had to take them to the vet to have this done (with the kids in tow, of course) but the vet was absolutely wonderful, the staff took the kids aside and kept them busy with toys and let them pet the cat with no eyes and check out the back offices where they keep the animals who are recovering from surgeries, while I had to deal with the task of saying goodbye.
So...enough of the sad stuff. I actually feel better right now, knowing that they are no longer suffering and they are still together. More posts to come...hopefully a little more upbeat than this one!

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