Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cute nicknames

I read a very cute post on my friend's blog about the nicknames she has for her children, and thought it would be cute to share ours as well. It's always interesting to hear what people call each other:

Crumb (this was started because Jeremy's nickname is Toast--don't ask)
Peanut (he was so tiny when he was born!)
Farty McSmarty (this nickname, he gave himself, believe it or not!)
Haiden bobaiden
Hadey (Hannah's name for him when she was younger and couldn't say his name)

Hannah Banana
Hannah Bohana
Hannah Lizzie
Han--notice the past 4 are all just variations of her name? Shows how inventive we are!
Godzilla (given to her by Haiden when she was younger--still lives up to it!)

Any funny nicknames you have for your kids?

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