Sunday, July 26, 2009

Duck Soup

Wow. Have I been bad at this or what? My last post was nearly a month ago!

We are babysitting the duck from hell this week. I stupidly offered to babysit this duck for the niece of one of the Jehovah's Witness ladies who has been coming over here since we moved in almost 2 years ago. She knew we had pet ducks, and said they didn't know anyone who knew how to take care of one, and asked if I would ever consider watching her niece's duck while they all went to their JW convention this week. Me: "Sure, no problem" (stupidly thinking that all ducks are as easy and quiet as our own).
Man was I wrong. From the very second their car pulled out of our driveway Wednesday afternoon, we begin hearing HONK, HONK, HONK. No, this was not a regular duck quack, it was a honk like a goose! And it never ended. Just kept going, and going, and going....
Today, Sunday, it has finally calmed down a bit and is now mating with our male duck every chance she gets. But, of course, today is the day they are picking her up (go figure, just as she calms down finally!)
Even worse, is that not only is this duck loud and totally obnoxious, but it also apparently is an INDOOR duck and has never been outside for more than an hour or two, and always with a human companion. It has no clue what to do outdoors! The owner has called 4 times to check on it, each time asking me where she is sleeping, what she is eating, etc. I can not wait for it to go home!
Not to mention, now we have to somehow make this up to our poor neighbors who have had to listen to this since Wednesday as well.

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