Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Funny Things Kids Say...

I know all parents have stories about funny things their kids have said and sometimes things aren't so funny to others as they are to us, but lately Haiden has been asking me "what did I say when I was little?" or they want more stories about what they did/said as babies/toddlers, so I decided to put together a little compilation of the latest and greatest:

Hannah is known for making up words or saying things in a really funny way. Here are a few of the most recent ones:
Snifflesnuppagus--Snuffalupagus (from Sesame Street)
Abby Fladaby--Abby Cadaby (also from SS)
Gorilla Bar--granola bar
Junior bug--June bug

She has also decided recently that babies are no longer "stupid and ugly" which is what she has been saying up to this point. Upon meeting my cousin's baby Bella, she decided she now likes them and wants to be a "baby sitter" which means to her that she has the baby sit on her lap.

Haiden is one who tends to get a little emotional the more tired he gets. The other night was a late one and he started crying out of nowhere, and when I asked what was wrong, he said "I just want to go back to the olden days when I was 4!" and proceeded to cry some more. I never did find out what made him think of that, but it was so hard not to laugh when he said that.

When the presidential elections were going on, I overheard the kids talking in the bedroom while playing and heard Hannah say to Haiden "who you going to vote for Haiden?" and he answered "John McCain because he was a soldier, but he is old and crusty and he might die before I can vote for him (possibly true due to the fact that Haiden has 13 years to go before he can vote) president." Hannah paused, and a few seconds later, I heard her say "I'm voting for Fowack Ofama." I loved that they were discussing "politics" even during play time. :)

I'm sure I'll think of more, and again, I know it's not as funny secondhand, but I love being able to tell the kids stories about when they were younger, the silly things they said and did, so I need some sort of way to remember all of it!!

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