Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haiden is 6!

I can't believe it, but my baby boy (sorry Haiden, I meant big, manly boy) is 6 now!
Birthday festivities were held off on until this weekend because of our schedules and family schedules. The day started off stormy, the dogs both peed in the house this morning because they were terrified to go out in the thunder, lightning, and rain, and so the house smelled like pee and the last thing I wanted was anyone to come in!! Luckily, the storms passed and 30 minutes before the party, it stopped raining, cleared up, and the sun came out.

We kept it pretty low-key again this year...BBQ on the grill, cake, ice cream, swimming, horseshoes, ladder ball, etc.

Haiden was thrilled with his gifts: Star Wars battleships and Lego sets, a real robot, a few outdoor games, more Kinex, and he actually SCREAMED with happiness when he got his very own Wii Guitar Hero guitar!
Now that he's 6, he has some new interests, new "favorites" and new aspirations for the future.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A science teacher or explorer and a rock star (still has that in his list of hopes) and breakdancer.
Favorite sports: Baseball, karate, kickball.
Favorite foods: Mac and cheese, cheeseburgers.
Favorite friends: Aiden, Almarco, Fernando, Summer, Hannah (still lists sister as his best friend, how cute!).
Favorite color: Blue.
Favorite things to do: Play the Wii (Batman lego and Star Wars lego games, although he has been chronically grounded from both for what seems like forever), Guitar Hero, create things with Kinex and Legos, play with the ducks and go on nature walks, go to the zoo, go to the museum, play with friends, go to the Y.
Favorite subject in school: Science and math (funny that he lists math as his least favorite on the school questionnaires, yet at home he actually asks to do it!).
Some Haiden 6-year-old stats: 44-1/2 inches tall, 40 pounds. He would like me to add that he has muscles because he "works out" and that he is very fast and strong--especially fast now that he has his Sketcher lights shoes, thanks to Grandma Kim, since I refused to spend $65 on a pair of shoes for him!

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