Thursday, September 17, 2009

Odds and ends

We are on to week 2 of school, only to finish the first week with stuffy noses and coughs! Oh, the joys of being back to school with all of those germy, boogery kids.

Hannah started gymnastics last week and loved her first class, but absolutely refused to go to class this week, stating "I'll miss you so much and don't want to lose you EVER!" Even though this is a parent-child class and I would be there the entire time, she still refused to go yesterday. I am hoping next week it will be better! She is such a drama queen.

Lucille is still cute and cuddly and growing up...5 weeks old and just about 3.5 pounds now! I am desperately hoping she is easy to house train, because although she goes outside whenever we take her out and kinda sorta seems to know she needs to go there, she is still peeing in the house whenever we turn our backs. UGH. I hate steam cleaning constantly and hate the clean up part of having a puppy!

Lenny and Jewel are starting to accept her a little. Lenny has been sniffing her rear and licking her a little bit, and Jewel still pretty much ignores her and treats her like an annoying fly, but at least no issues with being mean or anything.

I am planning on doing at least 1, if not 2, craft shows this fall and made some more of my "leaf art" today! I am hoping they turn out. They were huge, huge hostas that I used and I'm hoping they didn't bunch up too much. We'll see in a few days!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school

Haiden started back at school this week and has been having a great time and loving staying all day! He was so excited the night before, he couldn't sleep and was up early the day of, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement.
I think this is going to be a great year! We are looking forward to another year in the Voyager school, and Haiden is thrilled to be seeing his friends again and to be back with Jim, Sarah, and Celia, his wonderful teachers.
Poor Hannah wants to go to school SO badly! She insisted on having her picture taken with Haiden because she was adamant it was her first day of school too.

Our new baby Lucille!

This Monday, 3 weeks ahead of schedule, we got our puppy, Lucille. Turns out her mommy didn't want to feed them anymore once the puppies got teeth and stopped feeding them, so we took her a little earlier than planned. What a cutie she is!
We thought she was 6 weeks old, but actually is only a little over 4 weeks, born August 6. Too young, really, to leave her mama, but not much choice in the matter--either that or starve, I guess. She is 2.5 pounds right now! I can't believe she is going to be 70+ pounds. She's actually quite "advanced" for her young age--already responds to her name, goes potty outside for the most part, etc. Hopefully that will continue. Unfortunately, Lenny is a little jealous and has had a few spiteful accidents since her arrival.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Things you find under the bed

While my house is generally pretty clean, there are some places I do not look too often, like under the beds. After noticing that several of my nail polishes and lotions were missing, I started a housewide search and ended up looking under the beds. Want to know what I found?

4 bottles of nail polish

2 bottles of perfume

1 lip gloss (had been looking for that for AGES)

1 pacifier (no, it has not been that long since I cleaned under there, but Hannah uses them for her dolls)

1 electric bill (whoops)

1 jar of lemon sugar lotion

1 jar of vitamin E lotion

1 random sock, another random sock, 1 mitten, 1 size 2T shirt (indicating it has been down there a while seeing as Hannah has been a 3T for quite some time now).

shredded paper, plastic, stuffing, etc. courtesy of Lucille, who loves to take her stolen treasures under the beds and takes her time shredding them to bits.

Dog hair.

A few dead ladybugs.

A few small Legos, 1 red gingerbread boy from Candyland game, 1 dice, and 1 battleship from Battleship game.

Whew. That's disgusting!