Friday, September 4, 2009

Things you find under the bed

While my house is generally pretty clean, there are some places I do not look too often, like under the beds. After noticing that several of my nail polishes and lotions were missing, I started a housewide search and ended up looking under the beds. Want to know what I found?

4 bottles of nail polish

2 bottles of perfume

1 lip gloss (had been looking for that for AGES)

1 pacifier (no, it has not been that long since I cleaned under there, but Hannah uses them for her dolls)

1 electric bill (whoops)

1 jar of lemon sugar lotion

1 jar of vitamin E lotion

1 random sock, another random sock, 1 mitten, 1 size 2T shirt (indicating it has been down there a while seeing as Hannah has been a 3T for quite some time now).

shredded paper, plastic, stuffing, etc. courtesy of Lucille, who loves to take her stolen treasures under the beds and takes her time shredding them to bits.

Dog hair.

A few dead ladybugs.

A few small Legos, 1 red gingerbread boy from Candyland game, 1 dice, and 1 battleship from Battleship game.

Whew. That's disgusting!

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