Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tip for you dog lovers out there.

I know I'm not big on the "tips and tricks" type of post, but here's one for my fellow dog loving friends.

I had a bunch of crib sheets from when the kids were babies that I was going to give to my sister for her upcoming baby, but found myself in a pinch for something to cover the couch cushions with for the dogs (yes, they do go on the furniture--as much as I hate it!!). I quick threw a fitted crib sheet over each cushion and voila! Instant slipcovers that fit perfectly, come off easily, and wash up great. AND they are much, much cheaper than a $200+ couch slipcover (which I don't have because I think they are a pain in the rear). I am actually going to go out and get some more crib sheets that match the living room a little better--right now we're going with pink, yellow, and animal print...not very matchy matchy!

So there is my big tip of the day. Someday I will have well-trained animals who obey and stay off my furniture, but until that day, I am happy I found a solution!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Leaf projects

Here are some examples of the "leaf art" I have been working on for the craft show in November! These actually are some of the worst ones I've done--I didn't really like the colors on these, but oh well...most turned out pretty well at least.
I am doing Christmas in Lowell at my aunt and uncle's house in November and maybe another show if I can find a good local one in November as well.

So dramatic

It would be fitting that Hannah, our little drama queen, has chosen her word of the week to be "dramatic."

The other day, she had her ponies lined up along the windowsill and called me in to show me their lineup, saying "mom, isn't this sooooo dramatic?" After that, and hearing a big laugh out of it since I had never heard her say that, everything was suddenly "dramatic." The clouds in the sky, the rain falling, the TV show she was watching...everything was suddenly dubbed "dramatic."

It always gives me a laugh to hear some of the words that come out of little kids' mouths.