Sunday, October 4, 2009

Leaf projects

Here are some examples of the "leaf art" I have been working on for the craft show in November! These actually are some of the worst ones I've done--I didn't really like the colors on these, but oh well...most turned out pretty well at least.
I am doing Christmas in Lowell at my aunt and uncle's house in November and maybe another show if I can find a good local one in November as well.


Rose said...

Pretty crafty aren't you? Those look really cool! What do you envision for them? Are they hard after painting? What is your asking price?

Me+3 said...

They look much better in person than on here, but yes, they are really hard and durable and can be indoor/outdoor. I am going to do some plaster ones for indoors as well. I'm kind of running out of leaves though since fall is here and I tried making a reusable mold and that did not work out! I'm thinking about maybe $6-8 on the smaller ones and up to about $15 or so for the bigger ones. I've seen them going for about $45 for the bigger ones, but I think that is ridiculous and not affordable enough to sell quickly! I'm probably going to post a few on etsy and see how they do, if they do anything at all, that is.