Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tip for you dog lovers out there.

I know I'm not big on the "tips and tricks" type of post, but here's one for my fellow dog loving friends.

I had a bunch of crib sheets from when the kids were babies that I was going to give to my sister for her upcoming baby, but found myself in a pinch for something to cover the couch cushions with for the dogs (yes, they do go on the furniture--as much as I hate it!!). I quick threw a fitted crib sheet over each cushion and voila! Instant slipcovers that fit perfectly, come off easily, and wash up great. AND they are much, much cheaper than a $200+ couch slipcover (which I don't have because I think they are a pain in the rear). I am actually going to go out and get some more crib sheets that match the living room a little better--right now we're going with pink, yellow, and animal print...not very matchy matchy!

So there is my big tip of the day. Someday I will have well-trained animals who obey and stay off my furniture, but until that day, I am happy I found a solution!

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