Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well...the time has come. We have been hit by the infamous swine flu. Both kids came down with it Friday night. Today, both of them still have fevers and body aches, but are showing signs of feeling much better, as they are currently tearing up the house and playing with toys, which they have not done in a few days.
So here I sit...trying to stay away from them as much as possible and hoping that I do not come down with this as well. I can NOT afford to get sick on a holiday week when we have everyone coming over here!! Not to mention, I am currently the only worker in the house and NEED to work as much as possible! Unfortunately, as much as I'm trying to stay away from them and all, I still feel bad for them, so a lot of snuggling and hugging has been going on, which I'm sure is not the greatest for not catching anything. I have been trying to sneak the puppy in on them for snuggling in place of me, which has worked pretty well. :)
Wish us luck this next week as we try to purge this out of our house and get ready for the holiday season!!

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Rose said...

You poor thing. :( Try that Airborne stuff - I've heard it works well. I'd be completely paranoid. Plus, knowing me, it would hit me about 20 times harder than it would the kids. Ugh. I hope they feel better soon and you stay sickness free.