Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Goals

I'm not much of a resoluation gal, but here is my list for the year 2010, which, I have learned can not be said as "two thousand ten" but "twenty-ten." So there's your lesson for the day.

Lose weight--top of my list for the past 7 years...let's see if 2010 is the charm.

Finally get out of MI! (working on it...)

Catch up on all my scrapbooking. (tall order, but must be done!)

Finally have all bills paid off other than the car/house.

No late fees from the library or video store!

Muster up the courage to ask for a raise.

Learn a new craft. I don't quite know WHAT craft at the moment, but I have a year to figure it out!

Learn how to play Guitar Hero so I don't look like such an idiot.

Start a journal (I have way too many thoughts that I need to get OUT, and not exactly blogging material).

Write in it.

Learn to focus my attention better without medicine.

The kids had to get in on the fun as well as soon as they saw me doing this, so here are their lists:

Haiden: Build a robot with Daddy's tools; learn to play Guitar Hero better; stop begging for more new toys; stop getting into snacks without asking; make toys for Lucille; take karate classes.

Hannah: Play with my ostrich; find pteranadon bones; wear makeup with sparkles; go on the pony at Meijer; help mommy do things; read all my books by myself.

I wish I could get Jeremy to do things like this, but no such luck. Nothing from him, so I made a list for him myself: Finish tiling in bathroom; find a hobby or something to keep busy so I don't hover around wife all day long (said in jest, really, but sheesh...he needs to find something to occupy his time!); learn to use washer and dryer; learn to use dishwasher; learn where laundry basket is located; ask other members of the family if the bathroom is needed before going for extended visits.

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