Saturday, January 23, 2010

VCRs rock!

Just a tip for you parents out there who are sick and tired of buying DVDs for your kids only to have them get totally scratched up and ruined within 3 viewings....GET A VCR!! We borrowed my sister-in-law's VCR so Jeremy could watch some old home videos he had, and at the same time borrowed some of her VHS movies for the kids to watch.
The kids were absolutely mystified by what this mysterious machine was and couldn't believe that we could actually watch movies with it!
Well...I gotta tell you. This was probably the best invention ever. VHS tapes are almost indestructible and are cheaper than all get-out now that they are pretty much obsolete. Plus, we found that you can get a VCR for like $15-20...bonus! Keep the DVDs for yourself.

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