Thursday, February 25, 2010


For those of you who may not know what coprophagia is, it's when dogs eat their own or other dog's poo. Your education for today.
You may wonder why on earth I am talking about that today, so here is how it came up.
The other day, we were driving around Muskegon along the lakeshore and, well, bored out of our minds, and somehow the topic of how we are so lucky because of all the dogs we have had, we have never had one with this particular ailment. Because that would be gross, you know?
Anyways, I said something along the lines of "you know there is stuff you can buy at the pet store that keeps them from eating it...." to which Jeremy responds very seriously at first until he realized what he said...
"yeah, I think it makes it taste like crap or something."
Just another little daily quip that was oh, so funny. To us at least.


Juliana said...

OMG that is really funny! I used to own a pet store so I find that even more funny. Thank you for the laugh today!

Me+3 said...

Anytime. Glad I could make your day. :)