Saturday, February 20, 2010

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad....WEEK!

Yes, you read it correctly. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week over here. Let me begin:
Monday: Hannah began barfing at approximately 2 a.m. every 20 minutes until about 8 a.m. the next day (which brings us to Tuesday). Lucille had to be dropped off at the vet for her surgery (getting spayed) between 8 and 8:30 a.m., Haiden had to be dropped off to school by 8:50 a.m. Hannah barfed a few times during this transit time, which made for a lovely smelling car. At about 11 a.m. that same morning, Jewel stopped breathing. She fell over and couldn't get up. We called the vet and had to set up an appointment to bring her in and have her put down. This was the 5th time in 2 days she had stopped breathing and was having seizures/tremors and it was time. I had put off this inevitable appointment several times, hoping she would just go on her own, but true to any dog belonging to us, she just kept going and going and going.
Anyways, at 3:00 we took her in and had her put down. Poor girl. I'm going to give her her own blog entry though, so I will speak of her in more endearing terms there. We picked up Lucille, who was still groggy, dripping snot, and totally out of it. We found out she had hemorrhaged during surgery and nearly died during this routine procedure. Poor Lucille. I wondered if it was some of the soap or other possible anticoagulants she has munched on. All was well the rest of the day other than being sad that Jewel was gone.
Wednesday: We started the day so-so. Haiden told me in the morning his stomach didn't feel so well, but thought it was from eating breakfast too fast, so off we went to school. I picked him up that afternoon, only to have him come to me clutching his stomach, flopped on the rug in the classroom, and pronounced his stomach hurt very bad and he had felt sick all day, but instead of telling the teacher "because I didn't want the kids to laugh at me and I was embarrassed," he suffered all day long and held it in until...
I started to help him get his coat on and he proceeded to barf all over me, the floor, his coat, boots, etc. Ew. He barfed another 3 times on the way home and every 30 minutes or so after that, then the diarrhea and fever started.
And about midnight, I started as well.
All freaking day Thursday: Haiden and I barfed and did the sit/kneel thing all day long. Hannah danced around singing, dancing, jumping off furniture, and pronouncing she wanted to go "somewhere" all day long. Lucille was feeling A-OK by now too, so she was prancing around wanting to play and chew on everything in sight, including the "barf buckets" Haiden and I had at our sides at all times. about 8 p.m. Haiden stopped throwing up. I stopped around the middle of the night at some point.
Friday: Weak. Sick still. Aching ribs and stomach muscles. Headache from hell. Ugh.
Saturday: YaAAAAAy! Feeling much better. Kids are both better. Lucille is better. We all feel better! I can work without having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes! Hooray!
So there's my week. It was not a good one, putting it mildly. The best part of it is that I lost 8 pounds from all the puking action, although it will come back on as soon as I start eating normally again. The good news is that my stomach is shrunk a bit so as long as I keep eating small portions and healthy, I won't feel like I'm starving unless I go overboard.
Quotes from the week:
Hannah: "Oh, I'm never ever never going to eat at McDonalds again!" YES!!! Finally, something to take away her obsession with McDonalds...we hardly ever go there, but she seems to think it is the place to be.
Haiden: "Mom, I am SO 'up' with playing video games when I'm sick." I think he meant "down with it" and thinks down is bad, so "up" is good?
Hannah: (Saturday--4 days after Jewel died) "Mom, I can't find Jewel anywhere. I looked all over for her." ummmmm....
Haiden: (Saturday--4 days after Jewel died) "Mom, Hannah can't find Jewel. I think she might have died under my bed." ummmmm....
Me: "UGH. No more Ben and Jerry's chocolate brownie ice cream." I won't get into details, but it was gross, let me tell ya.

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