Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catch up for the week

Whooooeee...has this been a boring blog lately or what? Let the blog reflect my boring life, I say.

Really, nothing much has happened lately other than just normal everyday things that could be funny but to be honest with you, I just have not had the motivation lately either.

A few funnies from this week:
Hannah has started a new game of "cameltoe." This is a game that involves her putting mittens on her feet and running around the house making camel noises and yelling "look at my cameltoe!" young is too young to explain exactly what cameltoe is? I'll wait until she is at least 4.

Another Hannah quip today when I told her we were going to groom and bathe Lenny (which never happened, by the way) "It's weiner washing day!" (Lenny is a weiner dog)

Some cool things from this week:
Haiden actually tried to ride his bike and was doing great until he hit the molehills in our yard. I thought it would be easier to start him in the grass, but now I'm thinking pavement might be a better way to go. Too much mush and soft sand in the yard...

Hannah read an entire book all by herself tonight. She has been reading for a while, but usually gives up after a short page or a few words...tonight she read the entire book! :)

We bought an RV to assist with our moving plans and it will also make it possible for us to camp! I refuse to camp in anything that does not have solid walls and a toilet, so this is just peachy for me. I do love camping, it's just that ever since we went camping in the U.P. and I had to pee at 3 a.m. and there was someone in there breathing heavy wearing bright red high heels (I mean, who wears high heels at 3 a.m. in a secluded campground??? CREEPY!) and something was snuffling outside our tent...well...that pretty much ended my camping in a tent career.

So...sorry for the dullness...I promise I will once again catch the motivation wave one of these days.

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