Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One way to weed through toys....not exactly what I was thinking!

Oh. My. Gosh. My kids are nuts. What have they done this time? Well...let me enlighten you. For some odd reason, Hannah thought it would be funny to PEE in Haiden's toy box. But...being the lady she is, rather than do it herself, she egged Haiden on to pee in his own toy box, filled to the brim with what else but his beloved toys???

It was all fun and games until at bedtime when Hannah blurted out that Haiden had peed in his toy box. "I did NOT!" was the indignant cry from the other side of the room. One look in his guilty face (which I didn't really see because the covers had found their way over his head at that point) and I knew the truth.

So...the punishment was that Haiden had to get out of bed and empty his entire toy box into garbage bags, then clean the toy box itself out, and now he gets the pleasure of earning the toys back after mommy (not able to part with toys that probably have cost thousands collectively) cleaned them all, dried them, and placed them into a moving box ( least their packed up now, right?).

Seeing the tears start gradually, then flowing freely, then finally turning into sobs and "I'm sorry's" convinced me he was actually sorry for what he had done and hopefully learned a lesson from this all. What the lesson was that he actually takes from it, I'm not sure. At the very least, I don't think this particular deed will be done again.

What a night!