Friday, May 28, 2010

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

With a big supply of posterboard on hand and stencils, what better than to make some signs? At least that is what was going through Haiden's mind today.

First up was a sign that read: Gar- Sale that was taped to our front window.

Following with a sign that stated: Don't Touch! Not On Sale! Haiden used this sign to chase away potential customers seeking a Star Wars mold maker and microscope which he suddenly decided he wanted to keep after all.

Hannah joined in on this crusade to keep these precious items, by telling one man "we don't want you to buy the star wars or the microscope...they're all moldy and gross."

Next, we continued on to Haiden's business plan which consisted of: Selling underwear for $10 (see picture) and the following business plan for "poo for sale."

I'm guessing these business ventures will not go over well in these depressed economic times, so I will not be quitting my day job just yet.


Rose said...

Ooh! How much is the poo? If it's a deal, I'll take it.

Pretty funny stuff!

Me+3 said...

I believe it's 11 cents. I don't know if that is per pile or for a whole bag. We do accept credit card payment or Paypal. lol.