Thursday, June 3, 2010

Moving month!

While it will take a lot to convince me that anything compares with the views Lake Michigan has provided us for the past 10 yeasr, I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful lake on a hopefully daily basis as well...

Just a quick glimpse into where we will be moving in the coming weeks.
Jeremy is heading out in our unknown-if-trustworthy RV he purchased just for this big move, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for him as he moves about 90% of our household down there this weekend.
For those of you who live nearby, I will be trying to see as many people as I possibly can cram in before the 24th of this month. If I don't see you or call you before I go, don't take it personally--I'm working 40+ hour weeks, packing up a household, finishing up the school year, and trying to manage the kids and 2 energetic doggies. Get a Skype account and we can Skype it up, or I will call or be in contact via FB, email, or phone soon! :)


Rose said...

Excuses, excuses. ;) Obviously I'm kidding. Those pictures look gorgeous!

Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

Thinking of you as you get ready for this exciting new transition. We will miss having you near, but will hope to be in touch!