Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I promised myself we would not get another dog until we were 100% sure of where we were going to be living for the next few years at least, but alas another promise to myself has been broken.
A warm welcome goes out to Larry...the newest member of our household. We can't quite figure out what he is exactly, but he is definitely part chocolate lab with who knows what else. He is for sure less than 3 years old and already I would guess he's about 130 pounds or so. He has been living in Jeremy's co-workers' garage for the past month or two and the entire neighborhood has apparently been taking care of him and feeding him, so he's pretty hefty and appears to be in good health for a "stray." The odd thing is that you can tell he has lived in a home before and was obviously taught quite good manners and tricks. He sits, stays, rolls over, will lie down, come, etc. all on command, which is better than some dogs in this house who have been obviously living in the lap of luxury too long.
Jeremy brought him home this afternoon and he has been amazingly calm and great with both dogs and kids, so that's an instant plus. Another bonus is he has not yet peed or pooped on anything inside yet, another huge bonus. Downfall...we did find he likes stuffed animals just like Lucille, so we'll have to be on extra double super guard for all stuffed items in the house. Within the first few minutes of him being in the house, he ate a foam ball whole and then ate a ping-pong ball-sized rock outside. Guess the poor guy's not used to eating normal food just yet. These above items were just recently puked up on my kitchen floor. Blech. I am hoping he will eat normal food soon.
So...a big howdy ho to Larry. Heck, if we can't have a baby, a dog is next best, right? :)